Our Approach

We want to change your mind about fitness and training. Our philosophy is to change your body, we need to change your mind. Generally fitness is perceived as a task or punishment that requires too much energy, time and commitment.

"Can't think of anything that could affect your comfort, too much alcohol can lead to unhealthy life." Atorvastatin

However, By following our steps and our tailored programs, you will be well on your way to your goal. While it will take hard work , we will show you how to train and work efficiently.  Not only will we transform your body , but we aim to transform your mind.

Our trainers and coaches are here to treat you with the personal attention that you require to guide you through each step of the process. Regardless if it is online or 1 on 1 training. Our aim is to give you the personal feel that is required for you to succeed.

"Your success is our success"

We have broken this down into 3 Principles. The "R3 Principles"; ReNew, ReClaim and ReForm.

What is the "R3 Principle"

Your change will not be just a physical one.

Change your mind, and your body will easily follow.



Reclaim: To get back something that was lost or taken away

Lets start fresh.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

We all have busy lives. Our demands from work, home and personal lives sometimes get in the way of what we once wanted for ourselves. We will help in being the catalyst to reclaim your passion to live.



Renew: To make new, fresh, or strong again

You are stronger than you think

Sometimes we fail to realize what we are capable of.

We are only limited by our mind. We aim to unlock what already exists, to motivate, encourage and strengthen.

Iron sharpens iron



Reform: Improve by removing or correcting 

Embrace your new form! With the tools that we use to guide you through this process.

Sometimes we just need direction and a little help. You already possess the building blocks to your goals, all we do is tap into whats already there. We are here to cheer you through the process.