June 2017

Lisa L

"At the beginning of the year, I made the decision that I wanted and needed a change.  Not simply because I wanted to look sexier but because I also wanted to feel better.  
I've always considered getting into the gym and "working out" but felt that I could NOT do it on my own. I opted for the online sessions and my MIND was totally changed! Even though I was not with a trainer every day I still received the support, instruction, and push that I wanted and needed.  
Thank you, Ro, for being the "best-test" trainer ever!  I will continue on this journey that you have helped me start!  I so look forward to the finish line!
My goal is to look sexy in my carnival costume and I believe I will be there VERY shortly!   
ReformFitness definitely stands by their mission statement.  To change your body you definitely have to change your mind and I thank you for helping me to realize that! 

January 2017


"I knew when I wanted to start training again, I wanted to find a personal trainer who was going to be attentive, understand my goals, and push me further than I would myself. Not to mention be able to create a meal plan on a budget. I was able to find all of this and more with Rohan. He helped me boost my confidence inside the gym and every day life. He is not a trainer who will desert you after your time with him is up. He will keep you accountable and makes sure you get to your goals with or without him. Rohan is committed to helping his clients transform their bodies and become the best versions of themselves. With Rohan, I lost 25 pounds in 3 1/2 months. I am happier, I have more energy, and I have the motivation and determination to keep going on my own." 

December 2016


"After 3 months I was stronger, leaner and more importantly equipped to be able to keep up the exercises on my own to maintain my results. Ro is professional and makes working out seem fun and easy, although don't get me wrong he does push you when needed! I recommend Ro to anyone looking to improve their physique and learn the proper way of exercising. He targets his exercise and meal plans to each individual making it just right for you. Thanks to Ro I will be a knock out in my wedding dress, couldn't be happier!" 

August 2016


"As I come to the end of one of the best summers i've had in along time.  I have to say I am so grateful to Rohan(Ro) at Reformfitness.  I have come into the summer down 40lbs, but more importantly I feel strong and dare I say beautiful. 

I am a single mom of the 2 best children, I work 2 jobs and have had my thyroid removed due to cancer. I had a million "reasons" for being 100lbs overweight. If i'm really honest, I started with Reformfitness not really believing that anything would change, but I have changed.

I'll be honest, this transformation has not been the fastest , but it has been the deepest. There are times I am at the gym prior to 5am. I can leg press 500lbs. I've learned to push myself. I've learned to sweat. I have changed. How does Reformfitness fit in that? How is this time different than any other?  Ro at Reformfitness pushes me to get back up. He challenges me to keep going. He reminds me where i'm going. GOALS! He is my cheerleader, my 'therapist' and my drill sergeant. 

This is a journey to become the woman I was meant to be. It is about so much more than fitness. Its about strength, power and perseverance. Ro holds my hands, cheers me on and kicks my butt. He does it all with kindness and humor. I am and will always be grateful to this remarkable man and Reformfitness.

Thank you Ro"

May 2016


"Don't know where to start lol
Past 3 months have been a very challenging time. I decided to put myself under another obstacle and challenge in my life. ( that's what I like :)) , but couldn't do all by myself, so I decided to find the ONE who will give me a hand and go with me thru the whole process.
I was lucky i chose the most amazing man who was willing to help me and stick by my side thru my transformation . Huge Thank You to the most wonderful fitness coach Ro from Reformfitness . His experience, passion and knowledge makes him a Coach of the year. Ro is a guy with huge heart, very understanding, supportive , helpful, and he will make sure he will get you where you want to be in your life when comes to fitness and meal plans. I highly recommend this guy if you are looking for an excellent trainer. Thank you Ro once again. Huge pleasure and honor working with some like you.